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At LFG, we take the complex and make it visual.

It's Visual.

We take your complex paperwork and checklists and transform them into simple, visual and interactive resources to maximise comprehension and accessibility.



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1. Review

Tell us how you want to engage with your audience – We help you reduce your content to its core principles and intent and use this to simplify the language and structure of your document or checklist.

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2. Visualise

Work with our best information architects and instructional designers – We add visuals and instructional designs to maximise comprehension and engagement. We take the complex and make it visual.

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3. Mobilise

The LFG platform is simple, easy to use and accessible on any device – No training required.

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Textual information (left side brain) combined with visuals (right side brain), set up a powerful combination in your memory.

Allan Pavio
Imagery and Verbal Process



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Increase compliance and transparency.

Optimize safe practices to avoid damaging effects on workers and the environment.


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Apply mobility.

From receiving, storing, processing to serving, visual aids can improve comprehension and knowledge of food handling and safety, no matter where or when.

Human resources

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Encourage team engagement.

Ensure everyone’s on board when it comes to your values and the way you operate.


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Boost positive behaviours and actions.

Whether in the office, off-site or working from home, encouraging employees to be proactive with their health and safety is essential.